Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at the Tightening Presidential Race

Comedy Video Seth Meyers
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With just five days left in the presidential race, Democrats are freaking out. The polls suggest a tighter race than just a week ago, and that’s left many in both parties unsure of how to respond. Seth Meyers took on the Democrats who are losing their cool and the Republicans who are coming home to Trump on last night’s Late Night.

You may recall that, just a couple of weeks ago, Trump was claiming that both the polls and the election were going to be rigged. Now that they show him doing better, though, Trump seems to have changed his tune, tweeting, “Wow, now leading in [ABC/Washington Post] Poll 46 to 45. Gone up 12 points in two weeks, mostly before the Crooked Hillary blow-up!”

”’Did I say the polls were rigged?’” asked Meyers, doing his best Trump impression. “I meant they were rigidly accurate.’” Meyers also took on Republicans who have been incredibly unclear about whether they’ll support their nominee, including Paul Ryan, who admitted to voting for Trump, but also refused to say his name. “You shouldn’t endorse someone for president if you have to talk about them the same way wizards talk about Voldemort,” said Meyers.

Meyers closed the segment by weighing the flaws of both candidates, which many believe to be fairly even. Of course, when you list each candidate’s flaws, things begin to look a little more lopsided. Check out the full video above to see Meyers do just that, spending more than a minute straight listing the things Trump has done during this campaign.