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As America faces a societal crossroads, The Cover Letter acts as a testament to how individuals can serve a unified purpose. Chelsea Barbo, Jacob Shipman, Jarrod Nall, Johnni Roache, and Trevor Van Stanfield combine their shared skills to give each song a life of its own with a personal twist. Their assortment of musical backgrounds gives each member a distinctive voice in the band. An unexpected combination of surf, punk, metal, singer-songwriter, and reggae-pop makes The Cover Letter a bona fide example of how the past influences the future. Despite different musical backgrounds to include grunge and Americana, the band finds ways to compromise their individual needs in a way that leaves for the best outcome. Each member's instrumental abilities allow for creative freedom and ultimate exploration of sound, character, and emotion through buoyant and thoughtful tracks, much like fellow multi-instrumentalists Andrew Bird and Sufjan Stevens.

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