The Takeaway: Argentina

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Welcome to The Takeaway, a series highlighting the best goods a destination has to offer. Every week, we’ll showcase a different locale and the gifts every traveler should consider taking away.

Argentina hangs on the opposite end of the earth, and as this hemisphere approaches winter, South America enjoys warmer days and offers plenty of warmth to bring back home.

No item encapsulates Argentinian culture quite like its love affair with mate. The local yerba maté plant’s tea and drinking paraphernalia are among the country’s most common souvenirs. While Argentina is renowned for its leather production, you’ll also find hardy textiles that carry indigenous tradition. Products that trickled down from Spain, such as Malbec, alfajores and alpargatas, have been reclaimed and refined.

As with Belize, U.S. travelers returning from Argentina may bring up to $800 worth of merchandise home duty-free. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently categorize Argentina’s Zika situation at level 2, so practice advanced precautions to avoid contact with mosquitoes.

Sarra Sedghi is Paste Food’s Assistant Editor. She can usually be found arguing about mayonnaise on Twitter.