The Gang Takes Back the Narrative in New Red-Band Trailer for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

TV Video It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is returning for its 12th season on Jan. 4, and now a red-band trailer has been released that pretty accurately summarizes what an It’s Always Sunny season consists of.

Dennis, Dee, Charlie, Mac and Frank are all horrible people, and that’s basically what the trailer suggests. The group swears, snorts drugs and cuts lines at a water park by saying, “I have AIDS.” According to Charlie Day, all of these things are just the tip of the iceberg. Day says we “can expect to see some of the UFC, you can expect to see an entire musical episode, guest starring from Scott Bakula, you can expect to see us at a water park.”

The trailer also suggests that the gang will return to television after some urging from Dennis, who wants them to “control the damn narrative.” We also see Charlie drop-kick Mac to save him from a falling piano (yup), and Dennis and Charlie’s attempt to become male strippers. All in all, the season looks like more of the gang being terrible people. Check out the trailer (which is obviously a bit on the obscene side) above.