Almond&Olive - Mulberry Hill

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Like the inception of a memorable romance, Almond&Olive’s newest single, “Mulberry Hill,” plucks gently into existence and refuses to be ignored. The song lives in the moment after two lovers, separated by all that life throws, live inside their own remembrance as Natalie Alms and Ollie Davidson croon over the fictitious Mulberry Hill, where troubles and cares disappear for the duration of a ballad. The single is off their album Standing at the Precipice, due out January 27.

“Mulberry Hill” feels like a slow dance, gently shifting from soft to sorrowful with the strike of a chord. The air of sadness amplifies how things cannot return to how they were, no matter how wistful the moment is. Seamless, continuous harmony of Alms’ and Davidson’s vocals carry throughout the song and set the story back down on mutual ground. Although love and loss is not easy, it can be just as beautiful as swaying to a song that sounds how nostalgia feels.

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