For the Second Time, Girls' Christopher Owens Forms a Band Named Curls

Music News Christopher Owens
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Girls had a relatively short but undisputedly successful five-year career, releasing two beloved studio albums, along with an EP. Following the duo’s dissolvement in 2012, frontman Christopher Owens set out on a solo career, but has now teamed up with San Francisco musicians Cody Rhodes and Luke Bace to form a new band called Curls, again.

Owens previously formed another group named Curls with his girlfriend Liza in 2005, with the intent of Owens creating instrumentation and Liza writing lyrics. However, after their breakup, Owens rewrote the songs’ lyrics and recorded them with Chet “JR” White, under the name/title/project Girls.

“I’ve loved everyone I’ve ever played with, but none live in San Francisco now, and that makes it very hard,” Owens notes on his Twitter page. “This is the first time that I’m actually forming a real band. We’re all working boys too, so this won’t be about touring and PR, etc.”

Find Paste Cloud footage from a 2009 Girls show below, read tweets from Owens (and Curls) further down, and revisit Paste’s 2014 feature on Owens here.

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