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Every small town in America holds a thousand stories. From the Northeast and South through the Heartland to the West Coast: a set of values remains commonplace, bound together by faith, family, friendship and love. Enter country pop trio Auburn Road—Alicia Paulson, Paxton Martin and Kristen Brown—three multi-talented teen vocalists who hold these revered country music principles close to their hearts. Auburn Road may hail from the suburbs of Sacramento, but their music truly reflects the ethos of Nashville through their infectious style, sass and spirit.

Their independent, debut album, Fancy, released in 2016 does a great job of bringing generations together. The trio wrote all the songs on the album and was encouraged to record their vocals the “old fashioned way” eschewing auto-tune in favor of the heat that is felt from raw performances. Produced by industry veteran Michael Anderson.

Other talented and notable musicians that are featured on Fancy include, Jason Aldean's rhythm section—Rich Redmond, Kurt Allison, and Tully Kennedy— with mastering duties covered by Andrew Mendelson [Willie Nelson, Lady Antebellum, and Little Big Town] helping Auburn Road’s debut EP capture a palpable integrity.