Here's the Latest SNL Sketch to Upset Donald Trump

Comedy Video Saturday Night Live
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Yep, this is it. This relatively tame dig at Trump’s Twitter habits sent our next president on another late-night tweet rant about how awful and biased the sketch comedy show he hosted just barely over a year ago is. There’s no sense in trying to divine meaning from his social media habits—it doesn’t matter whether it’s an intentional distraction or not. Whether it’s sincere or a diversionary tactic, what matters is this is just more proof that this supposedly strong man is a petty fool who can’t handle even the most toothless of satire.

Anyway, hopefully that remains SNL’s official Steve Bannon impersonation. It’s Doonesbury-esque in how it uses an immediately recognizable image as a stand-in for an actual representation of a political figure. Man, this would be a good time to bring Doonesbury back, if you’re reading this, Gary Trudeau. It’s been too long since you baffled and confused the Garfield readers of America.