Builder of the House challenge stereotypes with LGBTQ video

Music Video
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In the video for their new single, “Look at the Man,” indie-folk duo Builder of the House shed light on the often overlooked, yet socially relevant, lifestyle of a drag queen. The song itself is a somber, impassioned work of art that weighs heavily on ones own psyche after repeat viewing. 

Originally written as an autobiographical song about acceptance, singer Rob Cimitile felt he needed to dig deeper and began drawing parallels between his own insecurities and the incomparable issues of others. Cimitile eventually landed on the idea of communicating from the perspective of a transgender person who, while finding acceptance within his inner circle, still struggles with broader approval from the world at large (not to mention their parents). 

The video for “Look at the Man” is a day in the life study of Portland, Maine’s Conor Leigh Tubbs as he transforms into his drag persona, Cherry Lemonade. The video doesn't attempt to glorify it's heroine, avoiding normal cliches by breaking the fourth wall and mashing the mundane with the far-out. This sincere approach allows for the flow of understanding and compassion to come naturally with little manipulation from the filmmakers. 

Builder of the House's full length LP, Ornaments, is slated for an early 2017 release.