Seth Meyers Looks at Trump's Climate Change Policies, Fears End Times are Imminent

Comedy Video Seth Meyers
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If you’re worried about climate change, which you definitely should be, then the prospect of a Trump presidency may not be all that appealing to you. Trump famously tweeted that global warming was a myth perpetrated by the Chinese, and his cabinet appointments have reinforced that stance. Seth Meyers took a look at Trump’s climate change policies during a segment on last night’s Late Night.

“Ivanka [Trump’s] interest in climate change gave people a glimmer of hope, but of course Trump’s team moved quickly to snuff out that glimmer by reassuring everyone that Trump still thinks climate change is totally made-up,” said Meyers.

Ivanka did meet with Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore, two staunch climate change advocates. “She met with Leonardo DiCaprio first, and then Al Gore. That is the wrong order,” Meyers explained. “’I’ll have the hot fudge sundae for dinner, and for dessert: a cold bag of peas.’”

He went on to explain that Scott Pruitt and Rick Perry, Trump’s picks for head of the EPA and Department of Energy, respectively, are both climate change deniers. During his 2012 presidential run, Perry famously forgot that the Department of Energy existed when listing government agencies he wanted to cut.

“So the climate situation may well be dire under a Trump administration, which is why we need to keep bringing attention to it,” Meyers said. “It’s literally life or death. Without a strong response, we could be in for more arctic melting, extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and earthquakes.”

Check out the full video above to see why Meyers thinks we’re pretty close to the apocalypse.