Archer Goes Full-Blown Film Noir in Two New Season Eight Teasers

Comedy Video Archer
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It’s been a long-time coming (phrasing) but the brilliantly dumb spy-comedy Archer is finally going full-blown film noir for its eighth season. Set to run on FXX, rather than FX, the show will have Archer and friends stuffed into trench coats and sporting felt fedoras in 1947. Yes, that’s right, 1947. After being “shot dead” in season seven, Archer imagines him and the former CIA/ISIS crew as Jake Gittes-esque detectives and Mildred Pierce-style femme fatales. The show’s shown this sort of narrative flexibility before, with season five’s Vice, but Archer: Dreamland will allow the series to do whatever it wants because at the end of the day, it’s all a dream.

There’s no official premiere date yet, but Archer: Dreamland is expected to debut sometime in spring of 2017. Watch teasers for the new season above and below.

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