Exclusive: Watch Aubrie Sellers' Lovely New Video for "Till The End"

Music Video Aubrie Sellers
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Taking a song and making it your own is never easy, especially if you’re a relative up-and-comer, because you have no leeway—anything less than a grand slam would be a disappointment. But pulling off the effective cover is perhaps even more difficult when you’re attempting the feat from within the same genre. Then, undoubtedly, the cover will in some way hem close to the original and differentiating becomes damned difficult.

In covering Vern Gosdin’s wrenching “Till the End,” Nashville singer/songwriter Aubrie Sellers avoids all of that. Sellers even has the added baggage of being the daughter of country musicians Jason Sellers and Lee Ann Womack, but none of that matters as much as her performance here. Her voice, pure as mountain snow but packed with plenty of heartache, captures all of the competing interests in wanting to pledge yourself to someone while sort of knowing the relationship is likely to fade. “There I’ll stay forever,” she croons over some gently bending strings. But forever is a mighty long time for any one person, even more so for two.

“This is one of the best country songs there is, and it’s just plain fun to sing,” Sellers said. “This is the kind of music I grew up on.”

Aubrie Sellers is hitting the road in support of Miranda Lambert, and you can find those tour dates, along with her album New City Blues, here. Watch the “Till the End” video above, plus video from her 2016 Paste Studio session and audio of Gosdin’s original “Till the End” below.