A Guide for the Women's March on Washington

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A Guide for the Women's March on Washington

The Women’s March on Washington is this weekend. Though 200,000 people are expected, city officials are preparing safety measures for up to 400,000. While all 1,200 charter bus parking spaces are spoken for (triple the number reserved for Trump’s inauguration) there are plenty of resources for marchers. Those attending may face low temperatures and freezing rain over the weekend, but the event has been planned in a way that only women could do.

The Washington Post has compiled a guide to transportation, the route and march mission, but those organizing the event itself have provided participants with everything from communication options to legal resources.

The most advantageous list for protesters yet comes from the Washingtonian. Local stores, museums, venues and restaurants are volunteering a place to refresh, warm up, charge phones and use the restroom for free at any place pinpointed on the interactive map below. Check this Google Document as the list continues to grow. From coffee and snacks to commemorative mugs and lactation stations, everyone in attendance should be well cared for.

Top Image: Fibonacci Blue, CC-BY

Molly Harris is a freelance writer based in Athens, Georgia.

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