Jay Som Announces New Album Everybody Works, Releases First Single

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Jay Som Announces New Album <i>Everybody Works</i>, Releases First Single

Last year, after signing to Polyvinyl and reissuing her debut album Turn Into, Oakland songstress Jay Som—real name Melina Duterte—got the chance to serve as the opening act on a tour featuring Mitski and Japanese Breakfast, whose 2016 albums both landed on Paste’s year-end list. Following that experience, she quickly set about to crafting her follow-up, and the result was Everybody Works, her forthcoming album due out this spring. Per a press release, “Duterte wrote, recorded, played and produced [Everybody Works] entirely by herself, save a few backing vocals.” As NPR reports, the record was “made in a three-week flurry of writing and recording this past October,” but listening to debut single “The Bus Song,” you’d have no sense of that.

Like Mitski, Duterte’s songcraft feels of grand importance with just the right touch of drama and romance dripping off the end of every note and lyric; never wild, but always powerful. Like Japanese Breakfast, she has a knack for combining shimmery pop song sonics with a more indie rock sensibility, heard here in the mix of jangly guitar chords against the kind of building piano chords and horns that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a mid-00’s indie pop song, but which take on an entirely new context here. Ultimately, though, “The Bus Song” is a Jay Som song. It sounds like an artist who isn’t just comfortable with their sound, but confident in it—confident that this is the music they should be making at this moment in time. That kind of energy is so often what can lead an artist to greater success, and if this track is any indication, Duterte has it in spades.

Everybody Works will be out March 10 via Polyvinyl/Double Denim. Listen to “The Bus Song” below, and find the new album’s tracklist and artwork beneath that.

Everybody Works Tracklist:
01. Lipstick Stains
02. The Bus Song
03. Remain
04. 1 Billion Dogs
05. One More Time, Please
06. Baybee
07. (BedHead)
08. Take It
09. Everybody Works
10. For Light

Everybody Works Album Art.jpg

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