Mike Marino Shares Captivating New Release

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Mike Marino’s new album Tomorrow’s Yesterday is one for the masses. Driven by a vibrant mix of drums, bass, and guitar sounds, not to mention the beautifully laced vocal styling’s Marino himself, that easily surpass the average singer.

The opening track, “Sarah Don’t Leave Me,” is riff driven, and it’s fascinating; it’s a moment in musical time that just feels good. 
“Turn It Around” and “60’s Child” are exhilarating and poignant additions to an already impressive music project. “Turn It Around,” and “We Caught a Glimpse”  are clear standouts on the album, as the harmonies are perfectly in tune, and the songs cleverly written.

Mike Marino says of the record:

"Its about being trapped in a time & place you don't really want to be in… - I'd spent a lifetime dreaming of the future & living in the past - Tomorrow's Yesterday is really about Today & what needs to be addressed to make things right. Can a Restless Soul still survive & find peace in this Brave New World."

If Tomorrow’s Yesterday is any inclination of what to expect from this musical mastermind of talent, then the introduction of a new musical legacy is now born.

Mike Marino’s Tomorrow’s Yesterday is out now.

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