Channeling Dark Places with Uruguay's "Sabrina Segment"

Music Video
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Uruguay states of the track:

"Sabrina Segment" is a representation of what life has been like for us since living in NYC (told from Stepha's perspective). The video's overarching theme is the different ways support plays a role in life. Support of oneself as well as the reliance on other people in order to thrive and sometimes just to survive.That same theme manifested itself in in the video's creation, as we intentionally worked with young entrepreneurial videographers, artists and creatives to make 'Sabrina Segment' come to life. The video ended up being a manifestation of the story it's telling.

It's safe to say we will be hearing more of this infectious duo throughout the year as they are already off to a running start into 2017. Uruguay is about to become a household name that you will not soon forget.

Also catch the video via YouTube:


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