Son of the Velvet Rat - Carry On

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The Austrian duo, Son of the Velvet Rat, announce the single, “Carry On” off the upcoming release of their album, Dorado. Produced by Joe Henry (Billy Bragg, Emmylou Harris) and Grammy award winner, Ryan Freeland, the track is a smoldering, smokey walk through the California desert. 

Georg Altziebler croons as the deeply intimate track plays like a memory reel from a black and white movie. The delicate, yet steady beat travels along through moments of longing and nostalgia as Altziebler says “All the dead I’ve ever known have come and gone, by the time I see the dawn, I see the sunrise I’ll see it coming down, and I’ve only just begun to carry on.” Negative space created by a wavering piano and heartbreaking violin leads Altziebler on a journey that is both vulnerable and powerful. At the very end, he’s greeted by the complementing voice of his wife Heike Binder, as the two meet in resolution.

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