Vine Isn't Dead After All. Here Are 5 Ways It's Going to Change

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Vine Isn't Dead After All. Here Are 5 Ways It's Going to Change

Almost two months after announcing that Vine would be shut down, the short-form video app announced in December that the company would instead be transitioning into a new app called Vine Camera.

It seems the internet’s response to the first announcement of the shutdown of Vine sparked some new creation in the creators, as this rebranding comes off a time when things were looking very dreary for the Vine app, which Twitter just couldn’t afford to keep around any longer.

But, what exactly is Vine camera going to be, as the name has us to assume it will still be a video—and maybe now a photo-capturing app?

Moreover, will Vine Camera be any different than Snapchat, Instagram and the new Hype app on the market? Here’s what to expect.

1. Vine, as we knew it, is still alive

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 9.16.00 AM.png

To put things simply: Vine is still alive, just under a slightly different name and with less features. Vine wrote in their announcement about the rebranding that users will still be able to create six-second looping videos.

The biggest difference is just that Vine Camera is a pared-down version of Vine, a decision that was likely spurred from the internet’s outpouring support and love for the company when it announced it would be shutting down.

2. Twitter only sharing

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Since Vine, the service, is shutting down, it’s taking the Vine social network with it. This just means that though Vine Camera will essentially operate the same way as Vine did, there will not be a Vine community network in app for sharing and interacting with other users.

Instead, you will only be able to push your videos to Twitter (where they will loop) as well as be able to save them to your camera roll.

3. Vine Camera will help you grow your Twitter following

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The sole purpose of the Vine Camera app will be to create six-second videos and save them. Essentially, it works the same way your camera app on your phone would work—it’s just a tool, with not network or followers attached.

The reason is that all of your followers will be on Twitter—which is why Vine is currently pushing users to switch over their followers to Twitter before the app transitions.

4. You still have access to your old Vine videos

Any Vine posted to before the October announcement of the company’s demise will be available for download through the website. In the previous Vine app, you had access to videos and downloads in-app, whereas now those old videos are only accessible from the website and you really only use Vine Camera to record the videos, and then share.

5. Vine Camera has a better chance at surviving

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With this pared-down version of Vine, there’s less maintenance required, meaning, Twitter doesn’t have to spend so much money keeping alive an app that was trying to remain relevant. Since the company received so much support and outcry when it announced it was shutting down, users will be excited when they realize they can still use Vine Camera in the same way they previously used Vine app.

The biggest difference here is that the pared-down version will probably do better since it’s now simplified and operates more as a tool than a social network. While most Vine users will miss the community aspect and network, it will move everything over to one platform (Twitter), which seemed to work well for Instagram.

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