Watch Seth Meyers Interview Kellyanne Conway About President-Elect Trump

Comedy Video Seth Meyers
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Last night, Seth Meyers interviewed Kellyanne Conway on his show, Late Night With Seth Meyers, about President-elect Trump. He started the interview off by asking Conway if the President-elect would be watching the interview. She smiled and said, “I hope so … He’ll watch at some point. We’re fans.” Meyers responded quickly, “Thank you, I don’t know if we are fans … ”

Meyers kept a surprisingly cool head, considering all of the allegations about Russia’s involvement in the success of Trump’s campaign. He congratulated Conway on a well-run campaign and being the first woman to successfully run a presidential campaign, and also on her ability to pivot away from the subject at hand.

On whether President-elect Trump was curious if the Russians attempted to interfere with the election, Conway said, “That is completely false. He has enormous curiosity. I’m there every day with him. He has a number of different meetings every day — briefings and otherwise. He was curious enough to figure out America. He knew America when many other Republicans did not.” Meyers quipped, “That’s a pivot right there, Kellyanne. And by the way, no one does it better.”

All in all, it’s a pretty civil interview, but Meyers also doesn’t let Conway off the hook. He makes sure she knows where he stands, and gets a few successful jabs in without being completely and totally condescending, unlike Conway’s employer. Watch the clip above.