Watch Seth Meyers Take a Closer Look at Trump, John Lewis and Russian Hacking

Comedy Video Seth Meyers
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Seth Meyers  recently dissected the latest on the circus-freak-show of the impending Trump presidency, mostly focusing on his recent comments about Georgia congressman John Lewis, a civil rights icon who will not be attending the inauguration on Friday. John Lewis stated that he does not see Trump as a “legitimate” president, which then incited The Orange One to respond via Twitter:

Examining the fiasco on Monday night’s Late Night, Meyers took a few shots at Trump, saying, “All talk, no action? Lewis was getting beaten by police for protesting voters rights while you were starting your first failed business,” then cutting to a great shot of a (sadly fake) Trump lemonade stand charging $300. “If you’re wondering if it’s racist,” Meyers argued, “to assume that Lewis’ district is, quote, ‘crime-infested and falling apart’ just because he’s black, the answer is a hard yes.”

The host also accused the president-elect of “chang[ing] positions more times than a pornstar with a bad back,” after revealing that Trump once considered Atlanta, Lewis’ district, as a new location for a Trump Tower in the past. Later in the video, he talks about FBI Director James Comey’s lack of comments on the Russian hacking investigation, and there’s a pretty good Ben Carson stinger at the end.

Check out the clip above, and gird your loins for Friday. It’s going to be a wild week.

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