Watch TV on the Radio Cover "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Prince

Music Video TV on the Radio
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Last Saturday marked the end of Yale University’s conference on the legacies of Prince and David Bowie titled “Blackstar Rising & The Purple Reign.” The event, put on by the Schwartzman Center at Yale University, hosted forums and “critical karaoke sessions” with Yale Faculty and artistic figures such as Questlove and Solange. The standout event was TV on the Radio’s concert at the conference’s conclusion. The band can inject their unique sound into nearly everything from their own music to the Game of Thronestheme song.

Concert footage from Yale shows them in their element performing Sinead O’Connor’s soulful hymn “Nothing Compares 2 U” which Prince wrote and also has performed. Complete with a terrific guitar solo and virtuosic whistling, we at Paste consider this a great Prince cover.

Watch TV on the Radio’s cover above, watch Prince’s version below, check out the schedule for the Yale Conference here and check out Paste’s 50 favorite Prince songs here.