Blue Cactus Entice Our Ears with Self-Titled LP, Out Today

Music Video
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Blue Cactus’ Self-Titled LP is out TODAY and we have the stream, here!

I usually imagine Country and Americana music artists going to some huge well and drawing out albums contrasting the same things: beer and babes. But then I am blessed with both the honor and pleasure of listening to the latest record from Blue Cactus which changes everything I thought I knew. Hitting the ground with their album debut, Blue Cactus, they make a bold and strong impression right from the start.

Drawing attention with their latest video and single for “I Never Knew Heartache (Then I Knew You),” front-woman Steph Stewart's voice aches with a broken heart. As the vocals gorgeously drift throughout the piece, she is accompanied by her partner in crime, Mario Arnez.

On the release, we hear many different sides of the group, which highlights their music-driven emotions. Pieces such as “So Right (You Got left),” is more than just a clever play on words; the music is bluesy, and Stewart’s voice accommodates the honky-tonk song with a slightly aggressive “twang like,” tone. The song is a little less traditional but that’s what makes it work. There’s a nice break down which allows a great opportunity to strut her vocal prowess, which is a solid performance piece. 

“Not Alone (Until You Come Home)” is an absolute stand out on the record. This track stood out immediately as one of my favorites, as the narration is told by more than just words. The lead is passionate, the instrumentation is pure and concise it’s a ballad coupled with a more modern country tone.  The harmony on the track is beautiful as the duo complement one another in such a distinct way you can’t help but fall in love with the heartache. This amazing duo have yet to disappoint, and we don’t expect them to.


Purchase Blue Cactus’ Blue Cactus, here: