Celebrate Twin Peaks Day With Pie, Coffee and New Promo Posters

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Celebrate <i>Twin Peaks</i> Day With Pie, Coffee and New Promo Posters

Happy Twin Peaks day!

Feb. 24 is the unofficial holiday when Special Agent Dale Cooper first arrived in Twin Peaks, the small northern town that would change his life (and ours). We know the exact date and time of his arrival because Cooper dictated the monumental event to his secretary Diane on his tape-recorder—watch the clip below of Cooper cruising into the small town, population 51,201.

In honor of today, Showtime has graced us with two promotional posters for the forthcoming third season of Twin Peaks—find those below. We see the face of Laura Palmer, immortalized in her youth by her untimely murder, and the face of Cooper against the instantly recognizable greenery of Twin Peaks. It seems that Cooper, like the rest of us in the Twin Peaks fandom, is still haunted by the death of Laura Palmer. Very little is known about the much-anticipated new season, but we do know that much of the original cast is returning, including Kyle MacLachlan as Cooper and Sheryl Lee as Palmer. The show is set to make its triumphant return on May 21.

In our own celebration of Twin Peaks day, we’re including a whole heap of bonus material in this post. Want to see a video of David Lynch eating a donut? Watch below. Want to hear Lynch give a bunch of non-answers about the show’s new season? Here you go. Want to know how to pair donuts and cider? Look no further. Want to watch a montage of Twin Peaks characters enjoying coffee, aka their favorite drink of all time? Watch below. Want to feel better about your coffee addiction? Here’s why coffee is good for you. Want to feel better about your Twin Peaks addiction? Know you’re not alone. And as a bonus to all these bonuses, listen to Paste Cloud audio of Twin Peaks (the band) singing “Making Breakfast” and Surfer Blood singing their song “Twin Peaks.” Damn good!