Dirty Projectors' Self-Titled Album is Out Early

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Dirty Projectors' Self-Titled Album is Out Early

Rather than wait any longer, Dirty Projectors have dropped their new self-titled LP ahead of its planned Friday release.

The Dave Longstreth-helmed group have been shedding singles for a while now and according to Longstreth, “4 years, 7 months & 11 days” was “long enough.”

So now, Dirty Projectors is available on streaming services, while pre-orders of the electro-soul breakup album are in the mail and physical copies are in stores.

The group also debuted the entire LP in a Facebook post and Longstreth hand-delivered a copy of the album to a super-fan named Rozette, so there’s no time being wasted getting this new music to as many people as possible.

Buy or stream Dirty Projectors via the service of your choice here, or via the band’s Facebook video below. You can read a recent Paste interview with Dave Longstreth here and listen to a 2007 Daytrotter session with the group below via the Paste Cloud. Further down, find a few videos from the new album.