Listen To The Exclusive Stream of Mother Mother’s New Album, No Culture

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One of the best parts about music is how it relates differently to each of us. From the artist to the fan, everyone interprets songs differently and somehow it makes things incredibly beautiful. With the chaos we’re surrounded by every day, the one solace is music. Enter No Culture, the new album from Mother Mother. The newest release from the Vancouver indie synth-rockers is a powerful one, and easily the most emotionally honest, vulnerable, and least cynical album from Mother Mother to date.

Written in a home studio in the middle of the woods, frontman, guitarist and lyricist Ryan Guldemond wrote the album during his sobriety after a long habit of self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. The tracks on No Culture allowed Guldemond to explore lyrical concepts unfiltered by persona, something the band has not done before and although some tracks have personal ties to him, like “Baby Boy” and “Family,” the album is meant to be open to interpretation. Guldemond shares, “No Culture is about something that a lot of wrestle with in isolation — identity. It’s from each other that we learn the most about ourselves, which is why we’re excited to set this album free. By letting our fans in on the conversation, we discover what the songs mean to them, and how their stories connect with and expand upon ours. It’s this process of shared interpretation that breathes new life, energy and wisdom into our music.”

Fans can stream No Culture exclusively in the player above before it’s official release tomorrow, February 10th. You can find more information at

Track Listing:
1. Free  
2. Love Stuck      
3. The Drugs 
4. Back In School  
5. Letter
6. Baby Boy                     
7. Mouth Of The Devil 
8. No Culture    
9. Everything Is Happening 
10. Family

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