Ayron Jones delivers an essential message with 'Love is the Answer'

Music Video
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It’s 2017 and racial divides are everywhere: keeping Latinos out with a physical wall, keeping Muslims out with a travel ban, and keeping whites and blacks separated within through discrimination and systemic racism. With all this what does Ayron Jones say? “Love is the Answer”. The most recent single from Ayron Jones and his band The Way brings a positive message over a rocking guitar. It drives home an important idea in a divisive time and is a song that will make you unable to contain your smile.

Love is the Answer.

Ayron says when his first album dropped it was literally trial by fire. He had gone from playing solo in the corner of some Seattle dive bar, to opening for B.B. King in a matter of 4 months. All of a sudden he had a name and a voice and nothing to say. However, over time as he settled into the reality of who he was becoming, he began to realize how much influence he, as an artist could have on the collective consciousness.

So when B Anthony Nelson (People Zoo Art Works) approached him with the idea for the film; he knew ‘Love is the Answer’ was the one. It's a song that he felt the collective conscious should hear in these turbulent times. “A reminder that while we all experience and perceive different things in our daily lives, we are made of the earth, that's made of the sun, that’s made of our galaxy, that's made of the universe. We are the universes. If we want to see a change in our lives, or in the lives of others we must become and project what we wish to see in our world. Love is The Answer."

-Lou Flesh

Album "Audio Paint Job" out in June on Sunyata Records 


BUY: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-is-the-answer-single/id1197449829