Quietus Unveil the Haunting "Your Hidden Swim"

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Quietus is a captivating band that entices and intrigues within every listen. Currently we are introduced to the band in the form of their new single, premiering today, titled "Your Hidden Swim." Combining elements of post-rock and the finer singer songwriters of life (see Leonard Cohen), the group produce an epic musical drama that will dig deep into your heartstrings. 

Quietus shares regarding the track:

"Originally intended as a somewhat concise track the open approach to recording it found it wandering, unfolding. This sonic space suggested great distances, land- and seascapes and the interstellar and geologic crushing that is constantly occurring. Exhausted, hollowed out, what might you still offer to another?"

On their third full-length which is titled Vol. Three -- opening track “Your Hidden Swim” practically drowns you in The Quietus’ sensuous world. There’s a lushness to The Quietus’ music that obscures the deep ache at its core. With deep vocals that are reminiscent of artists such as Nick Cave and Matt Berninger, Quietus create a haunting and unique sound that will keep you coming back for more...I know I can't stop listening. 

Vol. Three is unleashed in conjunction with Ever/Never Records.

Find Quietus, Here: