Songs You Wish You Wrote: “Rough Draft” by Sarah Solovay (Exclusive Interview)

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Songs You Wish You Wrote: “Rough Draft” by Sarah Solovay (Exclusive Interview)

Interview conducted by Cortney Armitage.

Four years may not seem like a lot of time to people, but that depends on how you look at it. Four years is nearly half a decade and a total of 1,460 days or 35,040 hours. Four years is the common length of a student’s college career and also the amount of time in between Adele’s album releases. In this case, it’s also the length of time fans have been waiting to hear new music from Sarah Solovay.

Since picking up a guitar at age 6 and writing at age 9, there was a passion in Solovay that she was ready to fully explore. At 14 she began creating albums and by her 18th birthday she was featured in New York Times, opening for artists like Train and John Mayer, and was in the running to be a 2011 Grammy Nominated artist for “Song of the Year” and “Best Female Pop Performance.” Putting her music career on hold to attend Yale University and focus on her education, Solovay continued to immerse herself in art, music, and literature. As to why Solovay put a hold on her music, she shares with us, “I was totally committed to my music career, but I was also still a full time student, and my education was really important to me. And the deeper I got into the music world, the more I started sensing that I had more growing to do before I would be able to write the kind of lyrics I wanted to write and make the kind of music I wanted to make. And I also realized that, if I didn’t go to college when I was young, there was a good chance I never would, whereas I had the rest of my life to make music and follow my dreams.”

Now Solovay is back - and trust us when we say you’ll be blown away from this inspiring talent. Her new music showcases a sense of maturity and passion that most people might not expect, but that’s what makes Solovay’s music so impactful. It’s unexpected in the best way possible. Her newest single “Rough Draft” is a powerful track about her relationship with herself and is one many listeners will find themselves relating to (myself included). Touching on the idea that you’ll always be a work in progress and working towards your dreams, it’s everything fans could have wanted and more. If you haven’t yet, listen to the track here.

Over the course of her college career Solovay’s music has grown and blossomed with her. “While I used to be afraid of anything that didn’t sound “organic” to me, I now really love fusing more organic sounds with more electronic sounds, and making music that’s more in an alt pop vein,” the artist shares with us. “The lyrics also, I think, are very different. While I used to write a lot from imagination—imagining what it would feel like to fall in love, to get my heart broken, etc.—I now write almost everything from real experience. Songwriting feels more cathartic, and the songs feel much more personal to me. “

Though overwhelming at first to jump back into music, Solovay has adjusted to the new landscape that is social media. She shares with us, “For the first few months right after graduation, it felt pretty overwhelming coming back to music, because the landscape is totally different—when I was starting out, Twitter didn’t exist, Instagram didn’t exist, and platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud REALLY didn’t exist, so it feels like a totally new world. But the more I get my bearings, the more I feel just excited and invigorated.”

With even more new music under her belt, Solovay cannot wait to share what she has been working on. Ready to tackle any obstacle in her way, she explains, “I really can’t wait to release these new songs—I’ve been sitting on some of them for five years now! And I can’t wait to see how people respond to this new sound. I’m sure there will be challenges, but I’m trying not to anticipate them because if I learned anything the first time around, it’s that the challenges are never what you expect them to be, so there’s kind of no point in getting anxious ahead of time.”

When asked what some of her most proudest accomplishments have been, her response is what showed us that this return to music was more than just an option, but a personal requirement for Solovay. “I always find it tough to talk about things I accomplished in my high school career because a lot of the accomplishments of mine that people want to talk about are 5+ years old at this point, and I’m a totally different person, so it feels almost weird to take credit for them...What I’m more actively proud of, I’d say, is the fact that I’m back in the thick of it all and following through on the promise I made to myself when I decided to turn down the record deals and crazy opportunities in order to go to school.”

Solovay is a force to be reckoned with and is an artist you need to have on your radar, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

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