Seth Meyers Looks Into Trump's Defenses of Travel Ban, Putin

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Sure, anti-Trump protesters have been amassing in amazingly unprecedented numbers … but look out, Trump-haters! This weekend saw an equally impressive showing of support for our tiny-fingered Cheeto-in-chief in the form of a pro-Trump rally in New York City. Reports say there were tens, perhaps nearly a hundred people present in what NYC resident and Late Night host Seth Meyers equates to a “Times Square corner,” or “the line for Dave and Buster’s.” Meyers relentlessly skewered Trump again last night, this time focusing on the President’s reluctance to call out Putin and Trump’s defense of his now-halted immigration ban:

Meyers was impressed with the White House’s supposed strategy of striking a “more moderate tone,” despite the fact that the president apparently has no concept of what the judicial branch was designed to do. The host pointed out, “Trying to strike a moderate tone with Trump as president is a little bit like trying to coyly seduce a woman with a bullhorn.”

In keeping with his almost impressive unsubtle streak, Trump couldn’t even handle the softballs thrown to him by Bill O’Reilly. When the conservative host called Putin a “killer,” Trump quickly shot back with a cool, “You think our country’s so innocent?” Meyers noted this off-putting deflection, saying Trump’s defense of the Russian leader makes it sound like “he’s about to get caught for the exact same thing.” Meyers explained, “It’s like a guy who comes home and says to his wife, ‘You know a lot of guys are having affairs … that’s just out there now.’”

Meyers took his last shot at Vice President Pence’s inability to answer the question posed to him on CBS on Sunday: “Do you think America is morally superior to Russia?” The VP sidestepped this question three times. Meyers was convinced that this was the result of Trump urging, “Don’t you fucking say ‘Russia.’ Dance around it all you want but don’t you ever say it.”

Go ahead and check out the full Late Night with Seth Meyers clip above for a more in-depth appraisal of Donald Trump’s first two weeks as president.

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