This Gorgeous, Minimalist Electric Kettle Helps You Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee Every Time

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This Gorgeous, Minimalist Electric Kettle Helps You Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee Every Time

Everyone loves coffee, right? And when you crave coffee, you want to make the best cup possible. There’s a new gadget on the horizon that hopes to make that process a little simpler. It’s called Stagg EKG and it’s an electric pour-over kettle. From Fellow, the makers of the Raven stovetop kettle, the Stagg EKG is sure to be both stylish and practical.

It offers variable temperature control which means simply by turning the knob, you can select your desired temperature. An LCD screen gives you insight into what the temperature currently is and what you want it to be, with a hold button maintaining that temperature for as long as you require.

The EKG+ goes even further through its Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can switch it on or off with your smartphone, as well as adjust the goal temperature. Recipes tied into the app also means you can work on producing that perfect cup of coffee you’ve been craving. The Brewer app controls and tracks temperatures from the EKG+, along with grind settings, and portions from the Baratza Sette 270W grinder. Through its brew ratios and temperature controls, you get the perfect cup every time.

The idea came about through listening to the company’s existing user base.

“We have been making [the] Stagg Pour-Over Kettle for about a year and a half now. Throughout that time, we constantly asked for feedback from our customers on what they like/dislike and want next,” the team says. “Folks were asking for a better electric pour-over kettle with variable temp control— we then ran with their request and put our minimalist modern touch on it.”

With few variable temperature pour-over kettles on the market, the Stagg EKG has a considerable advantage over its competition. Crucially, it’s a more stylish version than its few alternatives.

“We took inspiration from our stovetop Stagg Pour-Over Kettle, and wanted to make a minimal, unassuming base to match,” Fellow says. Having previously won design awards for the modern look of the kettle, the EKG ran with that popular look. Fellow worked with San Francisco design firm, Branch, to create a “minimalist base that had all of the necessary features but wasn’t overpowering.”

staggekg_3.gifThat was also one of the challenges faced by the team during development— how to maintain its minimalist appearance while still offering plenty of features.

“Most design sessions would start with ‘well what if we add this cool feature…’ We’re always balancing that fine line between creating something new and more functional than what is out there while maintaining that minimalist, modern aesthetic and mindset.”

staggekg_340.jpgHaving previously enjoyed success with a Kickstarter for the Duo Coffee Steeper, Fellow naturally decided to launch the EKG on the crowdfunding platform. As they explained, “our original Kickstarter backers are the heart and soul of our customer base. They are a group of curious coffee nerds that continue to help us build products people want.”

That’s clearly been reflected in the EKG’s progress on Kickstarter. It’s been a runaway success since with the gadget easily surpassing its target of $100,000 to garner more than $370,000 of support. There’s still time yet to pledge $109 to get a Stagg EKG or $149 for the more advanced EKG+ model.

Fellow’s future plans are to work on manufacturing the EKG with folks attending SCAA, the largest specialty coffee trade show in the US, getting a sneak peek of it later in the year. The firm has also promised that its future products will continue to be coffee related and just as attractively designed as its existing product line.

The EKG and EKG+’s Kickstarter campaign runs until February 12.

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