VIDEO PREMIERE: Texture & Light 'This Too Shall Pass' is unlike any we've heard

Music Video
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Texture & Light’s new album ‘Inner Space Odyssey” is an ambient trance of electronic music and narrative lyrics. Inspired by other West Coast bands, Texture & Light’s sophomore album represents more of his personal journey. A truly original creation, ‘Inner Space Odyssey’ is a creative collection of samples, recordings, and vocals. 

Hearing from Texture & Light's Trevor on the single 'This Too Shall Pass' he states it started out as a challenge to write a secular love song. "I wanted to avoid over used (and somewhat cringe worthy) words such as “soul”, “destiny”, and “forever”, and try to paint a deeper picture of what the concept of “forever” really means. In nature everything is forever, all the time and death begets life - I wanted to tap into that idea.  A lot of my lyrics come to me while trail running in the rainforest, and This Too Shall Pass came to me like a lightning bolt while deep in the woods."

Musically, This Too Shall Pass is the slow jam of the record. The serene ambient feel is always just slightly disjointed due to the drums forming a slowly evolving syncopated polymeter feel against the other instruments. This feel is amplified by the fact that the electronic sounds were all synthesized from scratch on hardware, giving them a bit of an imperfect edge underneath their wall of reverb. Countering these elements is the melodic and note filled bass line (written and performed on bass guitar) and the pop styled vocals. The sum of all these unique parts creates something larger - not unlike many small streams that meet to form the river that fills the ocean before turning back to rain again.

 Favorite track: “Predators” is a synth-driven funk and a unique sound unlike any we've heard.