Here's the Premiere of a Deleted Scene from Vice Principals

Comedy Video Vice Principals
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If you missed the first season of Vice Principals, Jody Hill and Danny McBride's follow-up to Eastbound & Down, when it debuted on HBO last year, you missed one of the funniest and darkest comedies of the year. McBride and the superb Walton Goggins play rival vice principals at a high school in South Carolina who team up to undermine the far more accomplished and professional woman who got the principal job they both thought they deserved. In its depiction of violent, enraged, white male entitlement, it felt like a commentary on last year's election while it was airing; given what's come since the election, it now feels like a warning we somehow ignored.

If you haven't seen it, and don't subscribe to HBO or its streaming service, you're in luck: the full season will be released on Blu Ray and DVD next week, on Tuesday Feb. 7. And this isn't some quick budget release; it's packed full of the kinds of bonus features that used to be standard in the DVD heydays of the early oughts, from deleted scenes and blooper reels to audio commentaries from the creators.

If you want a sneak peek of some of the bonus features coming your way on Tuesday, check out the deleted scene above, exclusively at Paste. McBride's character, Neal Gamby, might not be quite as self-obsessed or irresponsible as Kenny Powers, but he's still a blustery sham of a man, as you can see in this clip that was shot for the season's third episode, "The Field Trip."