Archer: Dreamland Gets Dreamy Full-Length Trailer

Comedy Video Archer
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FXX has just released the first full-length trailer for season eight of Archer, their first foray into 1920s noir. After being “shot dead” in the previous season, a comatose Sterling Archer dreams he is a 1920s private investigator trying to solve the murder of his partner, Woodhouse. The trailer promises a layered mystery, and it looks like things are going to get crazy.

In Archer’s dream, the regular series cast gets certain character motifs from the noir genre. Mallory is the biggest mobster in L.A., Pam is a bruiser, Cheryl goes full femme-fatale crazy and it looks like Archer and Lana are hooking up. This is all presented in a gloriously stylish and sleek 1920s film noir finish, complete with tommy guns, trench coats, fedoras and just the perfect amount of shadows. Also, good news, everyone: dick jokes are in abundance. But “dick” is apparently slang for detective, so it’s not a disparaging remark towards Archer himself.

Archer: Dreamland premieres on FXX on April 5. Check out the trailer above, and also take a look at previous teasers for season eight here.