Chris Milam - "Kids These Days"

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Before playing “Kids These Days,” the lead single and title track from his forthcoming album, to a crowd at a recent gig in Memphis, Chris Milam apologized. “I’m sorry - this song's a huge bummer,” he said. The crowd laughed. “It's guaranteed to bum you out, but only if you're paying attention. If you're not paying attention, it sounds happy! So, choose your own adventure."

The laughter continued and faded as Chris began to play the opening notes of “Kids These Days,” a song whose bright melody belies its darker themes – it tricks you, almost. It invites you in and offers something deeper if you’re willing to listen closely. In that way it’s a perfect entry point to Chris Milam’s music and especially to Kids These Days (the album), out April 7 on Namesake Records. The intensely personal album was written in the aftermath of an intensely difficult year, and the specificity of experience that Milam brings to the record is what makes its themes so universal.

“I’ve read about my generation growing up for a long time.  But we’re here—we’re in our twenties and thirties.  And I know a lot of folks who, despite hard work and good intentions, aren’t where they thought they’d be.  Maybe they’re even starting over.  I hope that, by telling my story, other people see theirs in it.”

Kids These Days is out April 7. The title track is available via all digital platforms today.