Cheerios Giving Away Free Wildflower Seeds to Help Save the Bees

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Cheerios Giving Away Free Wildflower Seeds to Help Save the Bees

Cheerios, in partnership with Veseys Seeds, is doing their part to save the bees by giving away free wildflower seed packets for people to plant—100 million seeds, to be exact.

The giveaway is part of their new #BringBacktheBees campaign, in which they are also promising to recreate their oat farms into 3,300 acres of nectar and pollen rich wildflowers by 2020. Cheerios and General Mills have also temporarily removed their bee mascot from cereal boxes in order to bring attention to the drastically declining bee population. More than half of all bee species are on the decline, and a quarter are at risk for extinction. Since 70 of the top 100 human food crops are pollinated by bees, we should be pretty damn concerned that some species of bees are on the endangered species list.

Sure, Cheerios and General Mills’ #BringBacktheBees campaign is certainly a marketing stunt capitalizing off of the looming threat of catastrophic bee extinction, but they’re doing a hell of a lot more than some people by actually acknowledging the problem and creating bee-friendly natural environments. The wildflower seed giveaway is a nice touch—over at Paste, we’ve already signed up to receive a seed packet to plant around the office building once it warms up a little bit outside. We definitely wouldn’t have thought to do that without Cheerios, so PR stunt or not, they’re doing some good. You can sign up to get your free seeds here, and watch Cheerios’ promotional video below.

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