How to Be Healthy in Las Vegas

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How to Be Healthy in Las Vegas

If Las Vegas strikes you as a town full of debauchery—you’re right. It doesn’t take a black jack wiz to figure out what makes the Nevada town tick. There is no question the “city of sin” is a madhouse of drinking, gambling, indulgent eating and hangovers—it’s in the top 10 for most hungover cities in America, according to Business Insider’s analysis.

But the craziest find about this over-the-top party town? You can actually be healthy there. Read: juicing, working out, clean meals and wellness spas. Shocking, we know.

While casinos, flashy fashion and late nights are the norm, here are seven ways to relieve your liver and feel good in Las Vegas.

Hilary Sheinbaum is a travel, health, food and lifestyle writer.