Pizza Hut Made Shoes That Can Order Pizza, and We Really Want a Pair

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Pizza Hut Made Shoes That Can Order Pizza, and We Really Want a Pair

Pizza Hut is making shoes that order pizza for you—and no, this is not a joke. This is the future.

In an advertising collaboration with the NCAA, Pizza Hut’s new campaign features basketball star Grant Hill ordering pizza with his special “Pie Tops” shoes. Hill simply presses the tongue of his Pie Tops, which triggers a mysterious combination of geolocation and the Pie Tops app, and voila! A large two-topping pizza is delivered straight to Hill and his comfy lounge chair—you can watch the full video below. At first, it just seems like a clever ad, but it turns out the Pie Tops are 100-percent real, and we 100-percent really want a pair. AdWeek explains:

The handmade sneakers are extremely limited edition. Only 64 pairs were made, to match the 64-team field in March Madness, and most of them will go to influencers and people in the media, who can amplify the message. But a few lucky Pizza Hut fans are likely to get some pairs, too.

Listen to us, Pizza Hut. Listen. We would really, really like a pair of Pie Tops. We get a lot of fun stuff delivered to the Paste office, from 144 barrel-aged imperial stouts to an inordinate amount of copies of Train’s A Girl, A Bottle, A Boat. One thing we really don’t get enough of is food. And we are hungry. Hungry for some pizza. Specifically, some pizza that we’ve ordered from our limited-edition Pie Tops.

We know you are the “official pizza of March Madness,” and we can’t imagine how much you paid to be able to say that. However, for the price of one pair of Pie Tops, you can be the “official pizza of Paste.” Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? You’re one fancy pair of pizza sneakers away.

So what do you say, Pizza Hut? Want to become the official Paste pizza, and bring joy to editors and writers, alike? We eagerly await your reply. DM for our shipping address.