Premiere: Maisy Kay Releases Music Video for “Enough”

Music Video
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Insecurity is an all too common feeling. From questioning your appearance to the work you produce to past experiences, it’s an overwhelming sense of anxiousness that can sometimes be difficult to put into words. For artist Maisy Kay, she embodied the feeling of unthinkable insecurity and took to writing to create her latest single, “Enough.” Inspired by the universal feeling of never being enough for someone, on a personal or professional level, “Enough” is a beautiful yet dark look into Kay’s personal insecurities. Today, fans can check out the music video for the single, exclusively in the player above.

When discussing the music video for “Enough,” Kay shares with us, “In the video, I play warped versions of myself or rather, what I could be, represented in the mirrors.  The finale of the video, with the mirrors shattering those personas, shows resolution, and a coming to terms with who you actually are; something I continue to struggle with to this day."

In just a few years, Kay has gone from a kid with a dream to a proficient singer/songwriter. With musical influences from Queen’s Freddie Mercury to torch-ballad legends Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, Kay’s music shows off her strong vocals while incorporating a sense of theatricality. What makes Kay different from other artists is the fact that she recruits an arsenal of songwriters and only performs her own compositions. Bringing those tracks to life, she has worked with a roll call of A-list producers including Stuart Brawley (Celine Dion), Captain Cuts (Elle Goulding), Adam Argyle and Martin Brammer (Olly Murs), Jason Gaviati and Justin Siegel (Cassadee Pope, Black Eyed Peas), Kenny Harris (Panic! At the Disco), and Sameer Bhattacharya (Flyleaf). Needless to say, Kay has a promising career ahead and will continue to release tracks that are personal and relatable. To stay up to date on all things Maisy Kay, head on over to

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