Saint Motel Want to Make saintmotelevision the First-Ever Virtual Reality Album

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Saint Motel Want to Make <i>saintmotelevision</i> the First-Ever Virtual Reality Album

Who will be the first musical artist that really does something revolutionary with VR? That seems to be the question looming over the bevy of virtual reality content released by musicians over the last year or so. Indie-pop outfit Saint Motel are out to claim the throne by giving their entire 2016 album saintmotelevision the VR treatment.

At YouTube’s event at SXSW last night, the band unveiled a VR/360º video for the song “Sweet Talk”, marking the fourth in a series that has seen similar videos for other singles including “Move” and “You Can Be You.” But they also announced that the album’s remaining six songs would each get their turn at bat over the coming months until the package is complete. Each video so far has come with its own distinctive flavor, and it’ll be interesting to see what other ideas Saint Motel have in mind.

In a press release, lead singer and guitarist A/J Jackson goes all in discussing the band’s interesting in incorporating new technologies into their work, stating:

Creating the reality we want to inhabit, mixing art forms, and experimenting with audiovisuals is at the core of what Saint Motel is all about. The Virtualizers aren’t meant to compete with traditional music videos, we’ll continue to make those. The Virtualizers are an entirely new interactive experience that combine VR, lyrics, animation, and live elements into a new sonic reality.

Watch the video for “Sweet Talk” below and beneath that, watch Saint Motel play an acoustic session in the Paste Studio in NYC last fall.

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