Justin Lacy Launches Noteworthy Single, "Sealed"

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Indie Folk is alive and well today with the charming new song from Justin Lacy. The singer-songwriter proves that he isn't a one trick pony on his new single "Sealed.' Far from the typical, Lacy lays it down as he takes center stage as lyricist, arranger, composer and performer. His vocals are reminiscent of current artists such as Bon Iver, Tom Waits, and Whitney, but he goes above and beyond to stand above the rest. 

The intricate harmonies and brilliant instrumentation are laced throughout the track with a prominent grace. Lacy embodies the song with lush guitar tones and harmonious instrumentation that brings the piece to life. His "oddball vocal delivery" shares a deep story of love and love lost, and the challenges of everyday life..

Justin Lacy says regarding the inspiration of the track:

"My longterm girlfriend and I were breaking up as I was buying my first house, a small fixer-upper near the port in Wilmington, NC.  I tried not to dwell too much on the breakup, spending most of my energy working on the house. At one point, I had an electrician over, and he had to slice a hole in the exterior wall, leaving a hole in the drywall.  The electrician said, "I'd seal that up if I were you, just to keep anything from getting in."  He meant roaches and mice, but the idea of sealing off a space from the outside world stuck.  I was isolated, and the more I worked on the house, the more the house felt like this impermeable barrier between myself and any human connection, like if I kept going, I'd just be entombed in this place."

"Sealed" is taken from Justin Lacy's upcoming record Control Burn which is due out April 13th. With one listen of "Sealed" you'll be head over heels....we sure are.

Pre-Order Control Burn, here: