Exclusive: Watch a Preview of NBC's Murder-Mystery Comedy Trial & Error

TV Video Trial & Error
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NBC’s forthcoming murder-mystery comedy Trial and Error seems to hit a lot of the same beats that have made comedies for the network so successful in the past decade. It’s a mockumentary. It’s got a mix of veteran talent (John Lithgow) and talented newcomers such as Steven Boyer. It’s a little bit foul-mouthed but also endearingly irreverent.

There’s a key difference, though, between Trial and Error and say, Parks and Recreation or The Office. Lithgow’s the only one in the cast that actually knows whether his character Larry Henderson murdered his wife. (Weird side note: This isn’t the first time John Lithgow has played someone with the last name Henderson.)

And that lack of info for the other actors could play out in interesting ways over the run of Trial and Error’s first season. In fact, in the exclusive sneak peek up above, the actors even speculate about who could’ve done it.

Trial and Error premieres Tuesday, March 14, at 10 p.m. EST on NBC. Watch Paste’s preview above.