Watch Breaking Bad Boiled Down to a Two-Hour Movie

TV Video Breaking Bad
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For those of us still swimming in the wake that Breaking Bad left behind—let’s be honest, there’s plenty of great TV that’s been created since, including an equally incredible spinoff—we’re left with “Breaking Bad – The Movie,” a fan-created film that has edited all 62 episodes of Breaking Bad into one coherent “film” that retains most of the magic that made the original show work.

Despite some awkward cutting here and there, the film is able to use later episodes as flashbacks to pretty incredible effect. It’s very interesting to see this re-imagined as a feature, and provides plenty of reasons why Breaking Bad really spawned the age of cinematic television. Without it, we might be without a lot of what we love today. So return to AMC’s golden years and revel in this groundbreaking, powerhouse performance from Bryan Cranston.

You can watch the Breaking Bad movie in the embed above, until it is inevitably taken down, at which point you’ll be forced to just imagine how cool it was.

Update: The video has, of course, been removed from Vimeo. Keep an eye on the project’s website here, and keep your fingers crossed that it will return in some form or fashion.

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