Watch Seth Meyers Compare Hillary Clinton to Arya Stark, Unpack Comey Hearing

Comedy Video Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Yesterday, FBI Director James Comey opened up about the ongoing investigation into Russia’s involvement with Trump by basically saying that he can’t say anything about the investigation. Whatever. Anyway, Seth Meyers had a little something to say about that in the “Closer Look” segment on his show last night.

Meyers had a brilliant illustration for how Clinton might feel about his announcement that the FBI doesn’t report anything while they’re working on it. “I’m not saying that Comey cost Clinton the election, but his name is definitely on the list that Hillary mutters like Arya Stark when she’s walking in the woods,” Meyers quipped. “James Comey … Wikileaks … The Hound!”

Other highlights include the VA Secretary’s face at the mention of the “Southern White House” meeting he wasn’t invited to, Trump’s weird handshake fiasco with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (she even asked if he wanted have a handshake, which makes us cringe) and a glorious blunder of a sports analogy towards the end. Not everyone sports very well, so it makes sense.

Check out the video embedded above and cringe with us.