Watch Seth Meyers' Monologue on Russia's Response to Hacking, Ivanka Trump

Comedy Video Seth Meyers
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In the aftermath of Monday’s Russia interference hearings in Congress, the Trump administration (including the President) continues to ignore “hacking” allegations while vigorously asserting that any and all leaks about alleged Russian interference should be punished.

In his opening monologue, Late Night’s Seth Meyers couldn’t help but point out that that line of argument is close to the Kremlin’s train of thought. So, the Kremlin and the “Gremlin” were in agreement on something.

Meyers didn’t just riff on Trump for three-plus minutes, though. He also landed a cheesy-but-solid bread joke, cracked wise about Kim Jong-un’s “cheese knife” and posited that if Ivanka Trump is the administration’s “eyes and ears,” then Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is the group’s “neck.”

You can catch all of that above, along with a last-second dog voting joke.

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