Watch the New Trailer for Veep Season Six

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When we last left Selina Meyer in Veep, she was in a bit of flux—after losing the election, her camp was in disarray. Well, she’s back with a vengeance in the new trailer for the forthcoming season of the show.

This time she’s not just spreading democracy like patient zero, but she’s also out to destroy Congressman Jonah “You’re-Not-Even-Your-Mom’s-Favorite-Jonah” Ryan in “ways that are so creative they will honor me for it at the Kennedy Center.” (It’s probably because he lost her the presidency.)

In season six, we’ll get a taste of life after the Oval Office, and all of the odd presidential duties that former office holders are responsible for, like painting walls, volunteering and visiting a refugee camp surrounded by land mines. “You’re just like Princess Di,” Gary the Bagman laughs. Great stuff.

Veep returns to HBO on April 16, and let’s be prepared for Julia Louis-Dreyfus to sweep the Emmys again. Check out the season six trailer above.