Watch the Sci-Fi Influenced "Blood Hunters" Video from Andrew Combs

Music Video Andrew Combs
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Andrew Combs has a new album, Canyons of My Mind, coming next month, and he’s now released the Ry Cox-directed music video for his newest single. His new song “Blood Hunters” takes on mental illness and the very fragile relationship that many of us have with our own minds.

The music video takes very significant cues from the science fiction genre by way of Stranger Things, starting with a kid on a bike hurriedly pedaling away from an unseen horror. It cuts to other people throughout the video looking up in awe and terror at something that begins to blot out the already-scarce sunlight. There are so many vibes here that you could probably reach out and touch them. While all of these people are fleeing, Combs is seemingly walking towards something, knee-deep in a flowing river, until he is literally and probably metaphorically staring down a monster in a fantastic final shot.

Combs spoke to Rolling Stone about the song’s genesis:

I wrote “Blood Hunters” in this post-tour haze, where you don’t know what to do with yourself. It’s about mental illness and this unknown force that is making you question everything. It takes 48 hours to acclimate at the end of tour, and it’s a weird time when you are in limbo. You get restless.

Canyons of My Mind releases April 7 via New West Records, and is available for preorder here. Watch the “Blood Hunters” video above, check out Paste Cloud video of Combs performing live below and find our Best of What’s Next feature on him here.