Watch The Shins Perform "Name For You" on Colbert

Music Video The Shins
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Last night, The Shins graced The Late Show With Stephen Colbert stage, performing “Name For You” from their album Heartworms, released last Friday. The song, written for James Mercer’s daughters, expresses hope that society will treat women as people and not just names. The stage was decked out with Heartworms’ album artwork, and besides Mercer, the band members were entirely new to The Shins.

At the song’s end, Mercer re-announced a contest The Shins are holding for bands to cover a song from Heartworms. The reward for the best cover will be The Shins’ first touring van, Big Red. “Make us fall in love with it,” Mercer suggests.

Watch the performance above, watch Colbert exit the Late Show in the van below and check out Paste’s review of Heartworms here.

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