A Will Away Shares Acoustic Video for “Crochet”

Music Video
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Connecticut alt rockers A Will Away have definitely kicked off 2017 on the right foot. The band is hot off a nationwide tour (w/Moose Blood, Trophy Eyes, and Boston Manor) in addition to releasing their first full length album, Here Again, and it’s safe to say these guys aren't slowing down anytime soon. The album aims to tackle heavy issues and the bigger questions most are afraid to ask. With the realization that the answers may not be ideal, each track on Here Again dives into the idea that it’s necessary to remain focused on the positive things in life. Off the album comes “Crochet,” a song about battling internally with the personal decisions we make and whether or not we've made the right ones. Today we are thrilled to share the acoustic video for “Crochet,” here on Paste.

With nothing but the guys and two acoustic guitars, this version of “Crochet” is a great introduction to the band’s raw talent. A Will Away dives deeper into the track for us, stating: “Crochet is a song about the compromises we make with ourselves and to some extent it’s a song about acknowledging personal guilt. “Stitching ends to justify the means // so cut my thread I’m unraveling” deliver the overall moral of the song in two simple sentences. If a decision or action that you’ve taken in your life ever haunts you, and you find yourself putting together a way to justify your motives to yourself; then there’s a good chance that you know in your heart that you haven’t done the right thing. It’s easy to make a bad decision, it’s harder to live with one.” Check out the video in the player above!

“Crochet” is off A Will Away’s latest album, Here Again, out now via Triple Crown Records. For more information, head on over to http://www.awillaway.com.

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