ALA.NI Shares New Song/Video "Suddenly" Off Forthcoming Debut Album

Music Video ALA.NI
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British-born singer ALA.NI has shared the track “Suddenly” off her forthcoming debut album You & I. You can watch ALA.NI performing “Suddenly” at the historic Palace of Fontainebleau in all her dreamy, ethereal glory above.

This is the third song to be released ahead of the album, after “Cherry Blossom” and the hypnotic ballad “Darkness at Noon.” Like her first two releases, “Suddenly” is elegant and romantic, and a complete delight. Her vocals have been compared to Judy Garland and Billie Holiday, which at first may seem nostalgic, but ALA.NI makes everything completely unique in her own way. She’s also extremely good at wooing her audience—Paste included. Ever since her Paste Studio session this winter, we’ve been totally hooked by her smooth, jazzy beats. We even declared the rising star the Best of What’s Next in our first Paste Quarterly, and we’re definitely looking forward to basking in her first album.

You & I, which debuts on June 9, is currently available for preorder. It comes with instant downloads of “Cherry Blossom,” “Darkness at Noon” and “Suddenly.” If you haven’t already, you should check out ALA.NI’s Paste Studio performance below.