NEW MUSIC MONDAY: Alabama has a new rock gem in Cavalen

Music Video
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Cavalen’s riff-heavy, soulful hard rock brings Southern rock back in a big way. The band formed in 2014 focused on Shellina Ryals’ lyrics and the instrumentalists from her church band. They debuted the new band at a local open mic event as The Red Shakes, but it was only the beginning of so much more. After adding a new bassist and drummer they reformed as Cavalen.

Focused on distorted guitar and raw bluesy lyrics with a voice reminiscent of Stevie Nicks and a hard rock sound, Shellina and Cavalen are head bobbing brilliance. The band celebrates their strong female personality and are excited to tour in 2017.

Their new single “Viva Adore” has an intense building intro riff that only builds more and more. When the drums come in the snarling vocals take on new life and drive into a strong chorus. Excited to see what more is to come from Cavalen as their sound continues to grow and develop. The first video from the band brings it big. We are all waiting to see what else they have up their sleves. Birmingham Alabama has a new rock gem in Cavalen. 

-Lou Flesh